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The Honourable James F. Sinclair Ocean Forum

The Honourable James F. Sinclair

Ocean Forum

June 8, 2008

Ocean’s Day

West Vancouver B.C.

The inaugural James F. Sinclair Ocean Forum part of West Vancouver’s Ocean Day will focus on Canada’s Arctic Ocean and who will answer does anyone own the North Pole.


  • Professor Ian Townsend Gault,     U.B.C. Faculty of Law, Ocean Law Expert
  • Dr. Robie MacDonald,     Research Scientist, Institute of Ocean  Sciences, Sidney, B.C.
  • Wendall Sanford DFIAT,    Director, Ocean and Environment Law Division, DFIAT     Ottawa
  • Dr.  Ron McNab     Geophysicist and member of the Canadian Polar Commission
  • Student    West Vancouver Secondary Student Essay

Moderator: The Honorable Colonel John Fraser, P.C., Q.C., Former Speaker of the House and Former Minister of Fisheries

Come see the scientific sample of ocean sediments taken by Dr. MacDonald at the North Pole in 1994, while on an expedition aboard the Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker, CCG Louis St. Laurent. This will be an opportunity to learn how all 3 of Canada’s oceans are connected. Learn about how climate changes are effecting Arctic Ocean Sea-Ice and what this means for Canada and how this impacts West Vancouver. There will be time for questions and learn more about Canada’s oceans and how this impacts you.

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June 1, 2008 at 12:00 am