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University of Victoria MASC Scholarships

The Maritime Awards Society encourages its supporters and friends to donate directly to the established scholarship funds that exist at the following universities: Memorial University of Newfoundland, Dalhousie University, the University of Calgary, and the University of Victoria.

University of Victoria: The Commander Peter Chance MASC Fellowship ($10,000) is awarded to a student pursuing graduate studies at the MSc or PhD level in an area pertinent to Canada’s maritime interests. Priority will be given to studies on ocean-related topics within such fields as history, economics, sociology, policy, engineering, and science.

  • Gifts can be made to the University of Victoria fund by contacting the University of Victoria Development Office at or calling 877-721-7624. Please identify the “Commander Peter Chance MASC Endowment” as the recipient of your contribution. The University of Victoria will issue a tax receipt to you.
Year MASC Scholar Topic
2021/2022 Neha Acharya-Patel topic
2018/2019 Duncan McIntyre topic
2017/2018 Lina Rotermund topic
2016/2017 name topic
2015/2016 Eric Hertz topic
2014/2015 name topic
2013/2014 Manuel Bringue topic
2012/2013 Nathalie Forget How hydrothermal vent conditions affect microbial communities
2011/2012 Alejandra Orozco-Quintero Environmental Change in Coastal Protected Areas
2010/2011 Mark Mosher A New methodology for frequency domain analysis of wave energy converters with periodically varying physical parameters
2009/2010 Mary Liston Building resilient coastal communities in British Columbia: a case study of climate change and adaptability in Ucluelet, BC.
2008/2009 Serdar Soylu Incorporation of the articulated-body equations into a model-based sliding-mode controller for the reduction of dynamic coupling effect in underwater-manipulator systems
2007/2008 Laura Bianucci Carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen cycles on the Vancouver Island shelf
2006/2007 Li Zhou A precise underwater acoustic positioning method based on phase measurement
2005/2006 Janet Dettmer Geoacoustic reflectivity inversion : a Bayesian approach
2004/2005 Rana El-Sabaawi Trophic dynamics of copepods in the Strait of Georgia
2003/2004 Amanda Bates Population and feeding characteristics of hydrothermal vent gastropods along environmental gradients with a focus on bacterial symbiosis hosted by Lepetodrilus fucensis (Vetigastropoda)
2002/2003 Jim Edmundson The role of freshwater nursery lakes on the ocean survival of the anadromous sockeye salmon
2001/2002 Jean Marcus Hydrothermal Vent Research on Juan de Fuca Ridge
2000/2001 Jim Edmundson Integrating Traditional Stock-Recruitment Fisheries Information and Freshwater Habitat Data from Multiple Sockeye Systems in Alaska to Develop More Refined Production Models of Sockeye Salmon
1999/2000 Maia Tsurumi The Ecology of Hydrothermal Vent (deep ocean hot spring) Communities on the Juan de Fuca Ridge
1998/1999 Rick Driscoll & Tetjena Ross Ocean Physics – Tidal Flow: Dynamic Interaction Between Surface Vessels and Tethered Undersea Vehicles
1997/1998 Frederick Driscoll Coastal Zone Planning and Conflict Management
1996/1997 Darcy Mitchell Co-operative Management of Ocean Resources: Can We Get the Incentives Right?
1995/1996 Rosaline Canessa GIS Based Decision Support System for Multiple-use Management in the Coastal Zone.
1993/1995 Capt.(N) Wilfred Lund [rtd] Forging a Canadian Naval Identity 1945 – 1968
1991/1992 Bradley A. Simpson Royal Canadian Navy and the Defense of Canada
1991/1992 Kori Street Women in the Canadian Forces: The RCN 1944 – 1949