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University of Victoria MASC Scholarships

The Maritime Awards Society encourages its supporters and friends to donate directly to the established scholarship funds that exist at the following universities: Memorial University of Newfoundland, Dalhousie University, the University of Calgary, and the University of Victoria.

University of Victoria: The Commander Peter Chance MASC Fellowship ($8,000) is awarded to a student pursuing graduate studies at the MSc or PhD level in an area pertinent to Canada’s maritime interests. Priority will be given to studies on ocean-related topics within such fields as history, economics, sociology, policy, engineering, and science.

  • Gifts can be made to the Victoria fund by contacting the University of Victoria Development Office at or calling 877.721.7624. Please identify the “Commander Peter Chance MASC Endowment” as the recipient of your contribution. The University of Victoria will issue a tax receipt to you.
Year MASC Scholar Topic
2021/2022 Neha Acharya-Patel topic
2018/2019 Duncan McIntyre topic
2017/2018 Lina Rotermund topic
2016/2017 name topic
2015/2016 Eric Hertz topic
2014/2015 name topic
2013/2014 Manuel Bringue topic
2012/2013 Nathalie Forget How hydrothermal vent conditions affect microbial communities
2011/2012 Alejandra Orozco-Quintero Environmental Change in Coastal Protected Areas
2010/2011 Mark Mosher A New methodology for frequency domain analysis of wave energy converters with periodically varying physical parameters
2009/2010 Mary Liston Building resilient coastal communities in British Columbia: a case study of climate change and adaptability in Ucluelet, BC.
2008/2009 Serdar Soylu Incorporation of the articulated-body equations into a model-based sliding-mode controller for the reduction of dynamic coupling effect in underwater-manipulator systems
2007/2008 Laura Bianucci Carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen cycles on the Vancouver Island shelf
2006/2007 Li Zhou A precise underwater acoustic positioning method based on phase measurement
2005/2006 Janet Dettmer Geoacoustic reflectivity inversion : a Bayesian approach
2004/2005 Rana El-Sabaawi Trophic dynamics of copepods in the Strait of Georgia
2003/2004 Amanda Bates Population and feeding characteristics of hydrothermal vent gastropods along environmental gradients with a focus on bacterial symbiosis hosted by Lepetodrilus fucensis (Vetigastropoda)
2002/2003 Jim Edmundson The role of freshwater nursery lakes on the ocean survival of the anadromous sockeye salmon
2001/2002 Jean Marcus Hydrothermal Vent Research on Juan de Fuca Ridge
2000/2001 Jim Edmundson Integrating Traditional Stock-Recruitment Fisheries Information and Freshwater Habitat Data from Multiple Sockeye Systems in Alaska to Develop More Refined Production Models of Sockeye Salmon
1999/2000 Maia Tsurumi The Ecology of Hydrothermal Vent (deep ocean hot spring) Communities on the Juan de Fuca Ridge
1998/1999 Rick Driscoll & Tetjena Ross Ocean Physics – Tidal Flow: Dynamic Interaction Between Surface Vessels and Tethered Undersea Vehicles
1997/1998 Frederick Driscoll Coastal Zone Planning and Conflict Management
1996/1997 Darcy Mitchell Co-operative Management of Ocean Resources: Can We Get the Incentives Right?
1995/1996 Rosaline Canessa GIS Based Decision Support System for Multiple-use Management in the Coastal Zone.
1993/1995 Capt.(N) Wilfred Lund [rtd] Forging a Canadian Naval Identity 1945 – 1968
1991/1992 Bradley A. Simpson Royal Canadian Navy and the Defense of Canada
1991/1992 Kori Street Women in the Canadian Forces: The RCN 1944 – 1949