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MASC Report to NOAC AGM (Cmd. Peter Chance)

From the time of its first faltering footsteps in 1987, the aim of MASC has been and still remains, to promote public education and debate on ocean related issues; the dissemination of information on maritime affairs; and the financing of graduate fellowships for ocean related research.

For the subsequent 20 years the Society, through personal contacts to the presidents of four universities, has established and maintained scholarships at the universities of Victoria, Calgary Dalhousie and Memorial. Other than Victoria where funds were raised through the granting of a Provincial Government Casino License, the others required MASC to raise annually, for periods of five years, $5000 which was matched by the university. This arrangement allowed for a $5,000 scholarship and the other $5,000 to be deposited to the MASC Fund at the university. The value of the U Vic scholarship was established at $10,000 and has remained at that amount ever since.

In 2007 there was a lull in the MASC activities. The current Board had served long and well. However, failing health and death gave consideration to fold the tent and rest on our laurels. This has not happened. Today the new Board of Governors comprises:

  • Peter Chance, Founding President and Patron
  • The Hon Roger Kerans, Chairman
  • Professor Emeritus Rod Dobell, Treasurer
  • Professor Ted McDorman
  • Professor Rosaline Canessa
  • Christopher H. Jones
  • Professor James A. Boutilier
  • David Thomas
  • Justin Longo, Executive Director

MASC University Funds and Value of Scholarships Awarded as of January 2009

University Funds                                                                                Scholarships Awarded

Victoria                                        $180,000                                       $170,000
Calgary                                           $80,000 approx                         $40,000
Memorial                                        $70,000 approx                        $80,000
Dalhousie                                      $100,000                                     $75,000

Total                                              $430,000                                      $365,000
Grand Total                                                                                          $$795,000

By the end of this year we hope to mount Seminars and Workshops again, the revenue from which will renew and re-invigorate our financial commitment to the universities and the post Graduate scholarships for students engaged in ocean related studies.

NOAC interest and endorsement of the philosophy of the Society is very much cherished. We seek to expand the Board and indeed some among the NOAC membership might see fit to take an active part in the Society’s affairs. They would be most welcomed.

It need hardly be worth saying but let me conclude by requesting a donation to MASC to increase the University Funds to the point where the existing scholarships can be awarded  at full value in perpetuity.

Peter Chance

24 May 2009

May 26, 2009 at 12:59 pm